Eoto-Co-op Current Projects Include:

Mobile power:

Energy Transporter  TM
Like a quiet, clean, ultra-light tractor, the ET is a machine for taking power to the field.  But one feature that is most unlike a tractor about the ET is that you can also take it in the house. The standard ET configuration applies the pedaling power of one or two persons plus one variable speed electric motor to the machine motivation and/or to independent Rotary Power Take Offs. The machine totes battery packs, and has solar/electric collector on the roof.  It has clutching for applying the power inputs to the needs. Each human power input consist of independent multi-speed freewheeling pedal stations, one vertical and one horizontal, so you can mix it up on the long haul.  (When a purpose of machine use is to get exercise, the choice is also beneficial.)  While the ET currently is available in different vehicle weights, motor sizes, and other options, the current project is designed to supply standardized sets of tools to the Eoto-Co-op community for the purpose of testing new applications of machine amplification of human power and solar/electric power.  The ET project currently has an array of accessory implement aspect channels including a human and solar/electric powered field plowing system, a hay and grass cutting system, a post hole digger, and electricity generating exercise machine, and much more... 

Ultra-light vehicles:

 Eoto - Cruiser  TM
stripped down, lighter version of the ET, the Cruiser has no PTOs. (Power can still be easily taken as direct electric or rotary from the wheels when on Port PAL TM Garage rack PTO.)  Although the standard model comes with a 750 watt motor that is pre-set for a top speed of 20 mph, rider in the Power House Seat has pedals with chain dérailleur and double down gear sets that includes a pedal pumping to wheel travel ratio equal to the one on the bicycle that set a speed record in 1982 of 135 mph.  The Cruiser's Pilot also has a multi-speed dérailleur for comfortable power input at your own pace and while sitting high on the rear saddle for a good view of the road ahead, looking over the rider in the Recumbent Power House Seat.  The unique Eoto  suspension allows a comfortable ride while cornering and on rough and uneven roads, all while keeping the vehicle weight ultra light and providing the stable platform for packing the batteries or cargo that you need for the trip.  While you may describe the Cruiser experience as similar to the Bicycle Built for Two, The Eoto-Cruiser has made the experience safer and faster to enjoy as the teamwork required is easier to learn and more comfortable. 

Eoto - Picker  TM
Light-weight, highly maneuverable three wheeled vehicle designed for easy rider mounting and dismounting.  While the standard configuration Double Picker comes with swivel seats for two riders, each with their own 12 speed foot pedals close to the ground, and solar/electric collectors with a powerful DC electric motor and PTO; The configuration options for the Picker models are numerous.  While the first vehicle was developed for a fruit picking application, and the Triple Picker model even has swing arms for the 3 riders to slide out and in while still on their seats.  The Parts Picker model has one seat with no top, for indoor shop floor use.  The Curb Climber model has all wheel drive, and a hand crank option for in addition to, or in lieu of, the foot pedals option.  The Garden Picker model has a walk behind - push and control handle option.  The Personal Picker has a reduced wheel-base length.

Eoto - Cart  TM
The development of this vehicle was originally to bring small lots of organic vegetables to the farmer's market down the road and collect the sunlight over the fruit to charge batteries for the trip home.  But the Eoto Cart is built with the ET-ultralight suspension and the trip home with empty cart was certainly no drudgery.  Members are now finding uses for the excess energy from electronic signs to refrigerated cargo boxes.  While delivery of groceries on human powered vehicles is as old as the bicycle, now everyone agrees that this is the safe way.  While pedaling private fair grounds or on the downtown sidewalk, no noise to talk over, or fumes to breath.  And you won't believe how easily this suspension climbs the curb with a fully loaded cart.  No need to worry about keeping a momentum with this hybrid human-electric powered vehicle, as another easy go follows every stop. 

Charging Stations:

Port PAL  TM
This is a multi-function Power Station.  There is a light weight stand which is portable with attached wheels.  There is a heavy stand which has long legs for permanent ground installation.  The tops are of Solar collector panels for generating electricity and for charging and maintaining dual 12 volt DC battery packs, (such as the standard Eoto-Cruiser).  The stands come standard with power sources of 3v, 6v, 12v & 24v, & even USB electronics charging ports.  Equipment includes the BatteryTuner Tool Kit TM for rejuvenating old and "dead" batteries, and for extending the life of new batteries.  Multi-stage AC to DC charger, Battery maintenance and diagnostic tools, Full equipment monitoring LEDs and smart charging and maintenance systems.  Includes many common cables and connectors for multi-function power sources and battery services.  Options for the Port PAL includes connectors and chargers for all major manufactures of electric bicycles, electric scooters, and electric motorcycles; conditioned, uninterpretable, and specialty power systems; systems for integration of generators and power systems to other infrastructures.  Structures designed for dual uses in addition to these functions.  This project's optional aspect channels include: Community and group charging stations,  The Eoto-Express Community Battery Exchange and more. Read more at Port PAL Manual Intro

Electric Vehicle Community Solutions:

Eoto Express  TM
Network services for community ownership, or swap agreements of standardized battery packs.  These services are part of the Eoto-Co-op Port PAL TM and other Projects.  The service includes mapping of locations, trip planning / job planning, and exchange tracking.  The battery packs being used, or sometimes converted to standards, include everything from the Eoto machine standard battery pack to common electric bike and scooter brands and of yard, garden & agricultural machines and some cars.

Agriculture Solutions:

Solar Plow  TM
An excellent solution for economical plowing and preparing of small fields for planting without the hard pan heavy footprint.  Perfect for remote and low cost farming.  Clean, cheap, quiet, and efficient.  The perfect marriage of an 8,000 year old technology, a 150 year old agricultural trick, and the newest technology in solar/electric power and control.  This system is revolutionary!  This system is an aspect channel of the Energy Transporter project and the Eoto Picker project. 

Food Handling Solutions:

Solar Powered Freezer 
The perfect pairing of duty to power source.  The hot sunny days are when your refrigeration equipment must work the hardest.  Our members are experimenting with food storage, making ice, and air conditioning.  Projects for small ice making and household food storage, & refrigerated truck applications; plus others more unique.  

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