Eoto-Co-op Membership:

 Eoto-Co-op membership is open to everyone, regardless of location, vocation or education.

We are engaged in research development and testing of agricultural implements, equipment and systems; and home and community transportable power systems, personal mobility, and other systems based on a set of standardized tools.  We are looking for new members who are interested in learning about and developing uses for new technologies and improving efficiencies and solving problems in these fields. 

Membership is easy.
For information on how to join contact a member that you know, or send an email to us: eoto@ReinventTheFarm.com
 Support Eoto Co-op
  Ways to support the projects:
Get one of these machines as soon as you can, and start using and testing it.  Contribute to the project manual. (The Project Manuals are publications for Eoto-Co-op members by members.  They range from simple operating instructions, to detailed technical maintenance specifications; from reports of scientific tests results, to story line experiences; from reporting break-downs and today's limits, to ideas for improvements and new uses.) There are no specific requirements for Manual contributions, just add to the knowledge.  (You can join the Portable Port PAL project right now! for more information go to: PPP Intro)

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